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We use TeamSnap, a cloud-based team management software platform, for registration, scheduling, and team communications.

We also use the TeamSnap portal for handling all financial transactions between participants and the team.

Existing Users: Users with existing TeamSnap accounts that are sent new invitations to join our team will be automagically added to our team, as long as the email used for the invite is associated to the user's existing TeamSnap account. These users will receive an email notification about being added to the new team, which they should see in their teams list the next time they log in.

New Users: Once our team admin has invited you, you'll receive an email with an invitation link to create a TeamSnap account and access our team site.

TeamSnap can be used from an internet browser or from a smartphone app (Android and iOS) which can be downloaded from either link below.

Please reach out to us if you experience any difficulty at all when registering for any of our programs and one of our coaches will assist you. While we lean on this technology heavily to manage our team, we can register athletes offline if necessary.

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