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WSRR Summer Training Program


Starting July 5th, all returning runners should safely and steadily increase their running so that they are running 3 to 5 times per week with a weekly long run equal to at least twice their race distance. Other runs can vary in distance, speed, and terrain but should hover around or a little longer than race distance. Shorter runs can be a little quicker, longer runs can be a little slower.


July/August Progression: Our goal is that our runners have as many consecutive weeks of the volume outlined below as possible. They can slowly build in to the training program by starting at the low end of the suggested range for any daily run and working their way up. They can also start with 1 or 2 less days per week than suggested and gradually add days. These training weeks should be focused on fun mileage with family and friends, gradually increasing distance and average pace in preparation for the fall season.

Strides: Once your runner has a week or two of training back on their legs, it would be good to add in 3-4 strides at the end of their runs. These should be about 20 seconds long on a flat, smooth surface where they build up to max speed with an easy walk/jog between strides.


Note: Our runners have had successful, happy, healthy competitive seasons without any pre-season training. These guidelines are to provide a training framework for our experienced runners who are in their 3rd or 4th year of the sport and have competition goals that require more preparation.  


7-8 year old runners and athletes new to running do not need summer training, but if they are going to train they should wait until August and even then it should be reserved for returning runners and kept very easy. The only thing our runners NEED to do is stay outside and be active all summer.

For our experienced/returning runners, the primary focus of pre-season or summer training is to build up to the weekly training volume (total distance and number of runs) we will be starting at when official practice starts.

Goal Week (7-8 year old, 2k racer): 4-6 miles per week (starting in August)

Monday - 2-3k (~1-2 miles)

Wednesday - 2-3k (~1-2 miles)

Sunday - 4k (~2-2.5 miles)


Goal Week (9-10 & 11-12 year old, 3k racer): 10-16 miles per week

Monday - 3-5k (~2-3 miles)

Wednesday - 3-5k (~2-3 miles)

Friday - 3k (~2 miles)

Saturday - 3-5k (~2-3 miles)  [OFF for 9-10 year olds]

Sunday - 6-8k (~4-5 miles)


Goal Week (13-14 year old, 4k racer): 15-21 miles per week

Monday - 5-8k (~3-5 miles)

Wednesday - 5-8k (~3-5 miles)

Friday - 3k (~2 miles)

Saturday - 3-5k (~2-3 miles)

Sunday - 8-10k (~5-6 miles)


Runners are highly encouraged to meet up with teammates for runs as much as possible and should record all their training runs in time and/or distance.

Contact Coach James if you have questions or want guidance on workouts.

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